Ariadne Nightshade
Portrayed by Leah Pipes
Biographical Information
Full name: Ariadne Nightshade
Born: 4000 B.C
Age: 6000/20s
Status: Alive
Alias: Aria (Modern name)
Nickname/s: Ari
Species: Witch
Occupation: Cook (part-time)
Residence: French Quarter, New Orleans, America
Allegiance: Dark
Affiliation: Nightshade family
Children: Leo
Parents: Pasiphae
Sibling/s: Cyanea Norwood (maternal half)
Relatives: Nightshade family
Significant other/s: Adrastos Nightshade (husband)
Physical Description
Gender: Female
Hair color: Blonde
Eye color: Blue
"No, you want to know what I am, tired. Tired of all of it. We've lied to, hurt, betrayed and so much more to the people we care about just to stay off the radar. I have had it! We're all suffering because your mother doesn't know when to stop with her revenge. I don't care what you do but I'm going to live on my own and try to mend my relationship with my children."
—Ariadne to her husband
Ariadne "Ari" Nightshade (now: Aria) is a witch and the mother of Leo, Krystal, Rachel and Cynthia and Tamah. She currently lives in New Orleans and is a part-time cook at an unnamed bar.

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