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Jake and Cynthia
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Intimacy Level

Soulmates, Reincarnated lovers, In love, Passionate feelings, Made love, Dated, Protective of each other, Married, Have 5 children together, Best friends

First Met

2000 BCE

Started Dating

2000 BCE


Married, Best Friends, Hunter Leaders Together

"There is nothing I wouldn't do for you. I've always existed to be yours, and yours alone. So, don't doubt for a second that you are not important. I promised you I love you and I still do."
—Jake to Cynthia
The relationship between Jacob Morgenstern and his wife Cynthia Morgenstern. The two are said to love each other dearly and would risk their lives for the other. The two kept their romantic relationship hidden for 3100 years, with Jacob having a reputation with woman. The two have five children together (Zara, Chris, Mia, Jayce & Carri) and they are both Hunter Leaders (along with Mara, Stephan, Alex and, unofficially, Tatiana). Many times have they strained from each other (Jake being unfaithful, Cynthia's past etc.) but they always find a way to each other and to mend their relationship.


"You got Jacob to feel, how? In the long time that I have known him, he has never showed emotion, not once. Phoebe told me that she hasn't seen emotion in him ages prior to that. And yet, with only a little time with you, he's a different man. He feels and he doesn't lie about what he is feeling. He grows even happier when you are around. You bring out something Stephanos and I never thought anyone could achieve. You have proved everyone that knows him wrong. You, single handily, got Jacob to live again."
—Alexander about Cynthia's effect on Jacob
"No, Phoebe, you do not get it. Yes, Cynthia somehow changed Jacob, but she is not the only one who could turn another's emotions back on. Before she went with Jacob to hide, she too, did not have any emotion. She did not feel anything either. It is not a one-way-change form of love they have, they are both bringing out the best in each other. You have said it yourself, they become happier in each other's presence, more at ease. It does not take a physic to notice how much they truly love each other."
—Krystal to Phoebe about how Jacob is changing Cynthia


Videos which somewhat helped come up with different storylines for them:

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Cynthia See my dreams all die


What's a soulmate?01:48

What's a soulmate?


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Jake & Cynthia From Hate to Love (Divenire)


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