Ella Ellester
Biographical Information
Full name: Myrcella Ellester
Born: 1000BC
Age: 3000
Status: Alive
Alias: Ella Stansfield
Nickname/s: Ella
Bastard (Tatiana mainly)
Species: Primal Witch
Title: Daughter of Alexander
Residence: Somewhere in Paris
Allegiance: Dark
Affiliation: Her mother, brothers, sisters and father
Parents: Alex Stansfield
Cynthia Morgenstern (secret)
Jacob Morgenstern (step-father)
Tatiana Stansfield (step-mother)
Sibling/s: Damon
Kasiani (step-sister)
Mel (p.half)
Zara (m.half)
Chris (m.half)
Mia (m.half)
Jayce (m.half)
Carri (m.half)
Aaron (p.half)
Maria (p.half)
Relatives: Maternal
Physical Description
Gender: Female
Hair color: Blonde
Eye color: Blue
"I love my family. My siblings, my parents, my step-father, all of them are amazing. And my step-father may not even know his relation to me but he still watches out for me."
—Ella about her family (mainly Jake)

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