The Soulmate Concept
General Information
  • Predestined Lovers
  • One and Only
  • Original Light
  • Destined True Love
  • Starcrossed Lovers
  • Eternal Lovers
  • Past Life Lovers
  • Reincarnation Romance
  • True Counterpart
  • Divine Union
  • Soulmate Reunion
  • Soul Bond
  • Soulmate Concept
  • Silver String Of Destiny
  • Active
  • Eternal
"You know, there is a believe among our people that there is one person in this world who we can not help but love. Who defines us and who can just sense when they are needed. They feel what the other feels, the good and the bad. You can change their viewpoint on nearly everything. No one can make the person happy like their soulmate. You know your soulmate like you know yourself, actually, you know them better then they know themselves. You understand them and your love is unconditional. They complete you."
—Jacob to his soulmate Cynthia about the Soulmate Concept

The Soulmate Concept is a concept that is widely explored in the Hunter series. It is an ancient theory that everyone in the world has someone who is just right for them.