The Supernatural Club

Erik while fighting Rachel Nightshade

Also Known As: The people with a death wish
Abomination savers
Founded: 15th of April, 2014 (day all Abominations were turned)
Founder: Family of the Abominations
Age: 7 years (THS)
Status: Active
Base: New Orleans (THS)
Various other Training Grounds
Residence: New Orleans Training Ground
Species: Various
Leader: None
Notable Members: See bellow
Goal/s: Cure all the Abominations (TSH)
Allegiance: Hunters who know the Abomninations can be saved
Allies: Elizabeth Branwell
Enemies: Abomninations (technically)
Dark Witches/Warlocks



Zara Morgenstern (Witch/Hunter)
Isaak Menshikov (Witch/Hunter)
Christopher Morgenstern (Witch/Hunter)
Olympia Morgenstern (Witch/Hunter)
Mitchell Pontmercy (Witch/Hunter)
Jason Morgenstern (Witch/Hunter)
Caroline Morgenstern (Witch/Hunter)
Valeria Menshikov (Witch/Hunter)
Luke Battlechild (Hunter)
Erik Pontmercy (Hunter)
Mikael Menshikov (Hunter)
Mara Battlechild (Hunter)
Stephan Battlechild (Hunter)
Tatiana Stansfield (Witch/Hunter)
Henrik Hadrianson (Witch)
Katherine (Witch)
Alex Stansfield (Hunter)
Melanie Stansfield (Witch/Hunter)
Jeremy Pontmercy (Hunter)
Sophia Pontmercy (Hunter)
Tobias Pontmercy (Hunter)
Helene Morgenstern (Witch)
Jayden Menshikov (Hunter)
Jett Plenilunium (Werewolf/Hunter)
Claire Plenilunium (Werewolf/Hunter)
Sera Plenilunium (Werewolf/Hunter)
Cecilia Wayland (Faery)
Alexina Wayland (Faery/Hunter)
Leo Jenson (Hunter)
Andromeda Jenson (Vampire/Hunter)
Drew Gilbert (Faery)
Mason Winchester (Vampire)
Lavender (Faery)